Mission, Focus, and Strategic Plan


The goals of the College of Dentistry Research Program are to graduate dentists who are inquisitive, learners for life, and have the foundation to appraise and conduct scientific research and be able to pursue post-graduate training.


We are committed to encouraging all DMD program students to participate in oral health research and consider dental research as part of their careers and to organize the process of conducting research in the DMD program.

The following initiatives have been developed to meet the above objectives:

  • Encourage students to participate in the KAIMRC or other research summer schools.
  • Encourage faculty and students to participate in local, national, and international research conferences and scientific days.
  • Enrich the culture of research among faculty and students in the DMD program.
  • Encourage collaboration between faculty members and students.
  • Recruit a full-time statistician to support faculty and student research.
  • Facilitate student research projects within the curriculum by providing high-quality mentoring support.
  • Induce new faculty and returning scholars into research tracks including research courses.

Foster research productivity in the program