The Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Committee (QAAA)

The first QAAA committee was established during the academic year 2014-2015 under the leadership of a senior faculty member. Since then this committee has acquired distinct responsibilities and it is delegated with the duty of carrying forward the quality initiatives in the college and its program in consultation and coordination with all academic and non-academic departments…More


Re-launching the QAAA Committee chaired by the Dean
Launching the new structure and name of Unit “Development and Quality Assurance Unit (DQAU) and forming the sections and sub-sections.
Introducing and implementing the new softwares “Basecamp and Ganttify” to QAAA and DQAU.
Conducting monthly meetings of the DQAU sections and sub-sections depending on the urgency of the tasks. (26 meeting overall with quality scope)
Completion of D.M.D. Annual Program Report for every academic years.
Created a guideline + workflow for Course Report Completion
Created surveys for curriculum revision (Student Survey, Interns and Alumni Survey, Faculty Survey, Employer Survey)
Completion of Course Submission Documents (67 Course Books, 67 Course Specs, 67 Course Reports, CES Reports)
Created a guideline + workflow for Course Specification Completion
Created a guideline + workflow for Course Book completion
Conducted workshops arranged by Quality in collaboration with the Continuing Professional Education Sub-Committee.
Submitted officially the report of Annual Follow-up D.M.D. Program for the NCAAA to Dr. Khaled Al Jamaan (DOQ). The annual achievement report including the progress achieved by the accreditation review team recommendations and the supporting evidence documents.
Created the IPP of Strategic Planning.
Created and distributed surveys on Strengths and Areas of Improvements at COD (SWOT) to Faculty, Employee, Students and Interns.
Created the IPP of COD Excellence (CODEX).
Created the IPP of DMD Program KPIs.
Created the Annual Report Review Taskforce and conducted two meetings to review, add, modify, remove action plan as needed in the KPI report of the D.M.D. program AY 2019-2020.
Accomplished the Recommended DMD Program KPIs New Target Performance Values for AY 2020-2021 KPI report and benchmark.
Completion of D.M.D. Program KPI report and with analysis for AY 2019-2020 of COD.
Completion of D.M.D. Annual Program Report for AY 2019-2020


The new name of the unit was officially introduced, which is Development and Quality Assurance Unit. The former name of the unit was Academic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit. The change was brought upon by directives received from the Development and Quality Management Affairs (DQMA) of University. Therefore, the new unit name “Development and Quality Assurance Unit” will replace the old names “IQAS” and “Academic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit”…More


The mission of the University is to provide high quality health sciences education, health-related research, and community services that promote the health of society.

The mission of College of Dentistry is to provide high quality oral health sciences education, oral health related research, and community services that promote oral health of society.

The mission of the D.M.D. Program is to graduate competent dentists who are able to manage oral diseases based on scientific evidence, conduct oral health research, and provide community services that promote oral health of society.

To achieve global recognition in oral health education with commitment to excellence in research, patient care, and community service

  1. To graduate competent dentists with abilities to treat patients based on best available scientific evidence, multidisciplinary approach, implement technological advances and utilize best clinical techniques in diagnosis and management of oral diseases.
  2. To graduate dentists who are inquisitive, learners for life, have the foundation to appraise and conduct scientific research and able to pursue postgraduate training.
  3. To graduate dentists that put patients and communities first.
  1. Ethical Behavior: honesty, respect, fairness and compassion
  2. Teamwork: collaboration and cooperation
  3. Accountability: exceeding the standards of accountability
  4. Transparency: acting with clarity
  5. Excellence: commitment to quality performance, innovation and creativity

DQAU Structure


Telephone: +966 114299999
Extension: 95797/95764


Office of the Chairman, Development and Quality Assurance Unit
Third Floor, College of Dentistry – Riyadh
King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences
Mail Code: 3183
P.O.Box.3660 Riyadh, 11481
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia