The Media and Public Relations Unit (MPRU) is responsible for managing the College of Dentistry at KSAU-HS’s communication with the media and the public. This unit handles press releases, media inquiries, social media, and internal communication. Its primary objective is to shape the College of Dentistry’s image and reputation while complying with legal and ethical standards. Furthermore, the Media and Public Relations Unit is constantly working on various initiatives to enhance the students’ experience, such as starting a new journal for the College of Dentistry, hosting workshops, and offering discounts. These initiatives have had a positive impact on the quality of the student’s environment.

Employee Name Extension No. Position E-mail Address
Dr. Suliman Al Saeed 95732 Chairperson, MPR Unit
Dr. Ali Al Aqla 95890 Co-Chairperson, MPR Unit
Dr. Asma Al Shahrani 95728 Member, MPRU
Dr. Rana Al Kattan 95890 Member, MPRU
Dr. Mohammed Awawdeh 95744 Member, MPRU
Dr. Sultan Al Dakhil 95957 Member, MPRU
Dr. Shuq Al Barrak 95952 Member, MPRU
Ms. Sanaa Al Otaibi 95741 Member, MPRU
Mr. Alwaleed Bin Delaim 95828 Member, MPRU
Ms. Maram Al Mutairi 95804 Administrative, MPRU


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