The research proposal submission conducted by faculty and/or students are done through either:

The submission procedure follows a systematic and standardized pathway, commencing with the creation of the study proposal and concluding with approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB).
During this process, the proposal will be checked for its feasibility, plagiarism, and also for scientific & and ethical validity.
The proposal processing and all needed information along with the necessary documents exist in APP 1419-05 “ Research Proposal Submission, Processing & Approval ”.


The Office of Research Services provides a range of support services for your projects, including:

  • Scientific Writing Center
  • Biostatistics Consultation
  • General Research Support
  • Scientific Conference Participation (For Students Only)
  • Research Mentoring Program (RMP)

These services are available for projects with Approved and Valid Institutional Review Boards (IRBs). To initiate collaboration, kindly visit the following link:

For further inquiries or to get started, please contact us via email at  or reach us by telephone at +966 11-42-95407.


  • Statistical analysis and consultations

At KAIMRC Biostatistics, the services are provided to NGHA, KSAUHS staff and faculty members which include:

  1. Proposal Writing Stage:
    • Methodology Review and Comments.
    • Sampling Technique and Sample Size Estimation.
    • CRF content and Structure Review.
    • Advice on the Analysis Plan.
  2. Pre-Launch Stage:
    • Review and comments on Codebook.
    • Review and comments on Study Protocol.
    • Randomization Schedule Preparation.
  3. Study Execution Stage:
    • Pilot Phase Analysis.
    • Interim Analysis.
  4. Post Data Collection:
    • Data Analysis.
    • Statistical Analysis Report.

In view of those services, the following documents must be provided according to the type of request:

  • Proposal
  • IRB Approval
  • Dataset
  • Questionnaire/ Data Collection Form/ CRF.
  • Codebook
  • Protocol

In order to create a service request, an email indicating the type of service needed must be sent to the department via:


  • These services are limited to Staff, Faculty, Fellows, and residents and are subject to availability. For students’ research projects, the service is limited to consultation only.
  • KAIMRC staff can collaborate in NGHA and KSAUHS projects as a co-author.