The DMD curriculum offered by the College of Dentistry at KSAU-HS constitutes of six (6) academic years divided as follows:

  • Pre-Professional Stage– 2 years (Pre-Dentistry)
    The pre-professional stage consist of two years and it is designed to equip Saudi high school graduates with the educational tools necessary for pursuing professional studies in health sciences. It provides these students with the language skills essential for studying and communicating in an English language medium. Furthermore, the program is designed to move the students from high school didactic and passive learning into university student-centered education. The program also introduce students to the basic concept of general and medical sciences necessary for the higher level education in the health sciences in general and dental sciences in particular. The completion of the program is a pre-requisite to enter the DMD Course.

The Pre-Professional Stage is being handled by the College of Science and Health Profession (COSHP).

  • Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) – 4 years; 2 years pre-clinical and 2 years clinical

A memorandum of understanding was entered into as of December 2010 by and between University of Maryland Baltimore, School of Dentistry (UMSOD) and KSAU-HS, College of Dentistry to adopt the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) Curriculum of UMSOD.

The dental program consist of four years and it is designed with the concept of modern and updated dental curriculum that consider the best educational method to prepared the dental students academically and clinically with solid scientific knowledge and high standard clinical skills. The program is based on faculty student interaction with hands on practice. Patients’ dental and oral health care the center of the clinical training of the student with comprehensive treatment service for the benefit of the patients’ oral health care, under supervision of highly qualified faculty members. Furthermore, the program contain courses that will prepare the students in profession and professionalism with clinical managements and community services as a future professional Dentist.

The last year (7th) will be one year Internship Program. The program is designed to complete and finalize the clinical training of the DMD program and enhance the clinical skills of new graduates to professional dentist , and to progressively consolidate the graduates’ knowledge and skills in different specialties of dental practice. The program consist of 12 months in which 6 months should be spend at the clinics of the College of Dentistry, KSAU-HS, and 6 months in other Dental Clinics assigned and approved by the College of Dentistry.

The 1st Batch of 15 male students have started their DMD Program on Academic Year 2012-2013; 2nd Batch of 20 male students started on AY 2013-2014; and the 3rd Batch of male and female students will start their program on AY 2014-2015.