The DMD program at the College of Dentistry (COD) at King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences (KSAU-HS) is devoted to excellence in education, research, community service and patient care. The program is classified as level 7 according to the National Qualification Framework. It consists of six academic years, and a one-year internship. The academic years are divided into two stages: the two-year pre-professional stage (pre-dental) and the four-year professional stage (Dental program).


The pre-professional program consists of two years that are designed to equip Saudi high school graduates with the knowledge, skills and values necessary for pursuing professional studies in health sciences. These skills include English language skills that are essential to support studying and communicating in an English language-based curriculum. Furthermore, the program is designed to orient students and transition them from traditional teaching style that is commonly used in high school to a university student-centered education. The program also introduces students to the basic concepts of general and medical sciences necessary for the higher level of education in general and dental sciences in particular.                                  The pre-professional stage is being handled by the college of sciences and health profession (COSHP).


The dental program consists of four years and is designed and periodically reviewed to ensure that it continues to be modern, updated and relevant to the job market. The program utilizes a variety of teaching strategies to prepare dental students academically and clinically to have solid scientific knowledge and high standard of clinical skills. The program is based on faculty student interaction with hands-on practical and clinical experiences. Patients’ dental and oral health care is the center of the clinical training of students. The clinical sessions within the curriculum are run in a comprehensive clinical care model which is in the best interest of our patients and serves as a training opportunity for students to master management of their dental practices. Students are supervised by highly qualified faculty members in all dental specialties. Furthermore, the program contains courses that give students the opportunity to serve their community and engage actively with it.


The internship training program begins after the successful completion of the academic requirements of the DMD program. It is designed to expose interns to clinical and relevant non-clinical working environments that serves to effectively prepare them for the job market. There is an intensive didactic program composed of advance education seminars and workshops. The weekly non-clinical activities include literature review, continuous education and case based seminars. The duration of internship program is 12 months (in Gregorian calendar) starting 1st of July through 30th of June of the following year, divided into 3 rotations. Each rotation consists of 4 months. Interns must spend a period of eight months at COD. In addition, interns will spend the period of the internship program at more than one approved governmental hospital.