Restorative and Prosthetic Dental Sciences Department contains the following specialties:

  • Restorative Dentistry.
  • Prosthodontics.
  • Endodontics.

Faculty members:

Full-Time Faculty:

Name Rank Specialty E-mail
 Wael Al Omari  Professor  Restorative Dentistry
 Sulthan Khan  Lecturer  Restorative Dentistry/Endodontics
 Ahmed Jamleh  Assistant Professor  Endodontics
 Abdulmohsen Alfadley  Assistant Professor  Endodontics
 Lubna Hamada  Lecturer  Endodontics
 Lubna Alkadi  Assistant Professor  Prosthodontics.
 Aristeidis Troulis  Lecturer  Prosthodontics
 Ahmed Binobaid  Lecturer  Dental Technology

Joint Academic Appointee Faculty:

Name Rank Specialty E-mail
 Abdulkader Al Jarrah  Department Chairperson, Assistant Professor   Prosthodontics
 Khalid Al Shalhoub  Assistant Professor  Prosthodontics
 Mansour Al Malik  Assistant Professor  Prosthodontics
 Nadia Al Angari  Assistant Professor  Prosthodontics
 Bader Al Babtain  Assistant Professor  Prosthodontics
 Ibtisam Mubarak  Assistant Professor  Prosthodontics
 Maha Al Sugair  Assistant Professor  Restorative Dentistry
 Abdulmohsen Al Rabiah  Assistant Professor  Restorative Dentistry
 Maha Al Omair  Assistant Professor  Restorative Dentistry
 Saad Al Hazzani  Assistant Professor  Restorative Dentistry
 Yousef Al Khodair  Assistant Professor  Restorative Dentistry
 Abdullah Alsuwailem  Assistant Professor  Restorative Dentistry
 Maha Al Turki  Assistant Professor  Restorative Dentistry
 Sultan Al Deyab  Assistant Professor  Restorative Dentistry
 Tariq Alswayyed  Assistant Professor  Restorative Dentistry
 Sahar Al Tuwaijri  Assistant Professor  Endodontics
 Mansour Al Rejaie  Assistant Professor  Endodontics
 Ahmed Al Sulaiman  Assistant Professor  Endodontics
 Nasser Al Katheeri  Lecturer  Endodontics
 Emtiyaz Turkistani  Assistant Professor  Advanced General Dentistry
 Nasser Bin Shraim  Lecturer  Advanced General Dentistry

Teaching Assistant in Scholarship Program:

Name Specialty E-mail
 Hatem Al Qarni  Prosthodontics
 Faris Jamjoom  Prosthodontics
 Areej Al Faifi  Prosthodontics
 Mohammed Al Saloum  Prosthodontics
 Abdulaziz Al Zaid  Prosthodontics
 Hayam Al Fallaj  Prosthodontics
 Reem Al Ghamdi  Prosthodontics
 Bader A. Aldhaian  Endodontics
 Ali Turki Alaqla  Endodontics
 Hajar Al Banyan  Endodontics
 Aram Al Shehri  Operative Dentistry
 Sara Kalagi  Operative Dentistry
 Rana Al Kattan  Operative Dentistry
 Maryam Alghilan  Operative Dentistry
 Lulwah Alreshaid  Restorative Dentistry
 Fahad Bahammam  Restorative Dentistry

Administrative Staff:

Name Rank E-mail
Atheer Almahmoud Administrative Assistant II
 Moudhi Alfuraih  Administrative Assistant II