We are glad to announce that starting March 9th, 2014 the University Oracle SiS Campus Solution will be fully available for Students, Faculty and Staff to manage their respective processes:

1. Admissions
2. Registrations
3. Course Scheduling
4. Student Grading
5. Graduation
6. Alumni Services

The Old legacy systems (SAMS & CON-SIS) will be available in read-only mode starting from February 28th, 2014 until June 12th, 2014 and will not accept any new transactions. Please find available the brochure (Students) (Faculty) of how to start using the system.
In case you face any problem in using the new University Oracle SiS Campus Solution, please check the following steps. The designated support team member will help in answering your inquiries resolving your problems accordingly.

• If you can login to the system: You can send your inquiries by clicking the “Support Inquiries” menu item in the home page after logging into the system.
• If you could not login to the system: Please send a help request via the system as shown in the following screenshot of SiS login page: “To request support, kindly click here”

On behalf of University SiS Implementation Team, we thank all University members who contributed in the success of implementing the University Oracle SiS Project.

Best Regards

University Oracle SiS Implementation Team, EDUTECH, KSAU-HS