Q1: How to change KSAU-HS email’s password?

Ans: 1. Go to the link https://prset.ksau-hs.edu.sa/showLogin.cc



4. Go to “Change Password” tab

Q2: Can I call COD-IT helpdesk to reset my NGHA email’s password?

Ans: 2. No, as per directive of the NGHA ISID Higher Management, any reset of personal password can be changed in TWO WAYS:

a. By visiting the ISID Information Centers. BADGE is a MUST.
Main Hospital, ISID Department, Ground Floor near the Main Pharmacy
KASCH Building, TOWER B, Level 2, Room No. 1.SM.02.10.002

b. By using the ISID Self Services.
This can only be used if your password is not expired yet or you are already registered.

User must be registered first. You may register your mobile number in the ISID Self Service portal (https://isid-selfservices.ngha.med.sa/showLogin.cc) or your may visit the ISID Information Center to register your mobile.

If you are already registered, you may proceed with the reset of password by clicking this link https://isid-selfservices.ngha.med.sa/accounts/Reset

Q3: How can I make a Room Booking reservation?

Ans: 3. To make a Room Booking reservation (like Large auditorium, classroom, meeting room, pbl room), you must fill up a form and sign by department head and submit to COD-IT department. Form can be download from COD website under the “E-form” tab in the menu (after login).

Q4: How can I enroll/change fingerprint in attendance system?

Ans: 4. COD electronic attendance system is located in Ground Floor (2 units near the service elevator) and First Floor (2 units near the service elevator and 1 unit in the reception area).
For staff, enrollment and change of fingerprint can be done in COD-IT helpdesk area in ground floor.

Q5: Can I send an email with a large size of attachment?

Ans: 5. No, typically our email server can only send email attachment, size not exceeding 12mb.

Q6: Can I download music, video or other application from KSAU-HS internet?

Ans: 6. No, by KSAU-HS internet policy downloading of such file is block.

Q7: Why I can’t open some website, when using KSAU-HS internet?

Ans: 7. Some non-productive website are filtered and blocked from KSAU-HS server.

Q8: How can I connect to “Internet-For-All” free WiFi service?

Ans: 8. “Internet-For-All” is free internet provided by KSAU-HS users, but it requires password, you can check the password with COD-IT helpdesk or call extn. 95772

Q9: Can I move my computer to other location or room?

Ans: 9. No, by COD-IT policy, it is prohibited to move any assets like computer, printer, scanner without any knowledge of COD-IT helpdesk. Moving of an asset can be done by requesting to COD-IT or call extn. 95772.

Q10: Can I request for printer or scanner?

Ans: 10. You can download the “Request For Equipment” form from COD website under E-Forms tab in menu (after login).

Note that any request may subject for COD-IT and ITS approval.

Q11: Is there any public computer, I can use inside the college?

Ans: 11. Yes, public computers are provided inside the COD library department, where you can able to use computers, copier machine and printer.
Library is divided whereas ground floor for male and first floor for female.

Q12: Can I plug my personal laptop to the college network socket?

Ans: 12. No, as per ITS-Network policy, no one is allowed to connect personal laptop to network wall outlet, due to security reasons, unless there is permission from COD-IT.