Q1: What is the full form of KEAP?

Ans: It is Key Electronic Assessment Platform

Q2: What does Curriculum Mapping mean?

Ans: Curriculum mapping is the process of aligning a curriculum to identify and fulfill the academic gaps, redundancies, and misalignment’s for improving the overall teaching and learning methodologies.

Q3: What is CLOs and PLOs?

Ans: CLOs are Course Learning Outcomes. PLOs are Program Learning Outcomes.

Q4: If any faculty doesn’t have KSAU-HS account, how can faculty login?

Ans: COD-IT can create an account inside the system. Request you to please fill a request form and submit it to COD-IT Department.

Q5: How can faculty get an access to their courses?

Ans: COD-IT gives access to the faculty with all assigned courses provided by Academic Affairs.

Q6: How can I get an access/role of Course Coordinator instead of a Lecturer?

Ans: COD-IT can set the role/access according to the list provided by Academic Affairs.

Q7: Can an Invigilator extend the time of the exam?

Ans: Yes

Q8: Can faculty choose not to randomize the test?

Ans: Yes, COD-IT can set the test to be not randomized. However, we recommend the randomization of test is must to minimize the cheating attempts.

Q9: Can faculty use KSAU-HS username and password for logging into the KEAP system?

Ans: Yes

Q10: Can faculty add randomization of the questions?

Ans: Yes

Q11: Can we add other types of questions except single select?

Ans: No, but it will be added in the future.

Q12: Can we add a Timer for the test?

Ans: Yes

Q13: Where can I access training’s/manuals to learn more about the system?

Ans: It is available on COD website > Faculty page > Training’s page.

Q14: Is there any Workflow/Process created?

Ans: Yes, in the process of finalizing, then it will be available soon on the website.

Q15: KEAP works with how many browsers?

Ans: All latest browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.

Q16: Can I login to the system from home or outside KSAU-HS network?

Ans: No

Q17: Do I need internet connection to enter questions?

Ans: No, it’s accessible within KSAU-HS network.

Q18: Can I see the results of the exam as a faculty?

Ans: No

Q19: Can we edit pdf of questions (after approved)?

Ans: No, please coordinate with Specific Course Coordinator and make changes on the system and re-generate the pdf.

Q20: Who created this system?

Ans: College of Dentistry – Information Technology Team

Q21: Can I edit the question once it is submitted to Assessment Unit or approved by the Course Coordinator?

Ans: Yes, the user can send the request for editing the question to AU responsible person for the course and specify who will edit the question (Course Coordinator or Author). Note that this current process is temporary.