Q1: What is Blackboard?

Ans: Blackboard is a Web-based course-management system designed to allow students and faculty to participate in classes delivered online or use online materials and activities to complement face-to-face teaching.

Q2: How do I access Blackboard?

Ans: You can access Blackboard thru the Link: https://lms.ksau-hs.edu.sa/

Or Thru the COD Website: https://cod.ksau-hs.edu.sa/ under E-Services in the menu (after login).

Q3: How do I log in to Blackboard?

Ans: Everyone needs the same three pieces of information to gain access to Blackboard:

Q4: I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Ans: On the login page, select Forgot Your Password? Or Forgot Password?
It will redirect you to the KSAU Password Reset & Unlock System
You can reset your password, Unlock or change your KSAU password

Q4: Can I download lecture materials from blackboard like video and files?

Ans: By COD policy downloading of this materials are prohibit.

Q5: How do I access the courses that I am registered for?

Ans: After logging in to Blackboard, you will “land” on the My Institution tab; you will see your courses listed under the My Courses tab on the right hand side of the page.

Q6: Can I access my Blackboard at home?

Ans: Yes, access of blackboard can be done anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

Q7: Can I use mobile device in accessing Blackboard?

Ans: Yes, you can go to https://cod.ksau-hs.edu.sa/ under E-Services in the menu (after login) to access Blackboard.

Q8: Whom should I contact for further help?

Ans: COD IT Helpdesk:

Email: cod-help@ksau-hs.edu.sa
Ext: 95888 / 95772