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Newly Acquired Materials (March 2018)

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Library Services

Reference and Information Services – This service aims to satisfy all requests for information through the use of library. The library provides reference and information services during the library hours. Inquiries may be made in person, over the telephone, and through e-mail. Orientation and Instruction – The Library Orientation and Instruction is a service to educate students, faculty and staff either individual or group orientation upon request about the library facilities, services, rules & regulations as well as the digital library. (COD Library Orientation Guide) Curricula Service – This service provides primary and secondary textbooks and learning resources for course coordinator, faculty and students in direct support of the curriculum. Circulation Services – Borrowing of library materials are equally provided to its faculty and students. Literature Search – The purpose of this service is to answer clinical or research questions primarily for use in patient care, research or systematic reviews. Availability of the full text is depend on the current subscription of the NGHA/KSAU-HS. (Literature Search Request Form). Inter Library Loan Service (ILL) – Materials not available at NGHA/KSAU libraries are traced out and requested to other libraries worldwide and deliver to users. Only journal article can be requested. (Inter Library Loan Request Form) Internet Services – This service provides computers with internet access for the purposes of research. Each user must login with their university account. Copying/printing – Photocopying and printing is provided as self-service using paid card. Recommend / Request a Purchase – The Books or Journals can be requested for purchase by filling out a prescribed purchase form (The Book or Journal Purchase Request Form)

Library Resources

Library Collections

  • General Collections – a collection available for loan and circulate for one week and supports the information needs of the College of Dentistry.
  • Reference – consists of general materials such as encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, directories, yearbooks, indexes, bibliographies and others.
  • Reserve – consists of textbooks and other references recommended by faculty members as required readings for the courses. Some materials are placed on reserve based on the frequency with which they are requested by the library users.
  • Periodical – These materials consist of dental/dentistry journals, serials, newsletters, local and foreign. NGHA and KSAU-HS publications are also included.
  • Multimedia Materials – The collection consists of DVD and CD-ROMs.

Online Resources

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

  • An online database of all KSAU-HS Libraries holdings where you can check the availability of any books available at OPAC.

Digital Library Services Inside Campus

Digital Library Services off Campus

  • Access facility for Digital Library resources is available to you now. You may access the service from https://elibrary.ksau-hs.edu.sa. Just type your KSAU-HS username and password.

COD Digital Library Services (Dentistry & Dental Journals and E-books )

Library Protocol
  • All registered students, full-time faculty and staff of College of Dentistry, KSAU-HS are eligible for membership to the Library.
  • We expect our user to keep the environment clean, healthy and exhibit a highly educated behavior.
  • All reading materials including books, journals and CDs taken out of the library must be issued properly by the library staff at the circulation desk. Any attempt to exit the library’s premises with material that has not been properly checked out will be considered as attempted theft.
  • Any attempt to cut, tear or remove pages or sections of library books and journals will be considered as damage of library reading material. The borrower will be held responsible for the mutilation.
  • If requested by the library staff, users should submit any book or personal material for inspection. All books belong to the users, must be shown to the staff at the library exit for verification.
  • Complete silence should be observed in the library public areas, except for brief and subdued talk with the library staff at library circulation counter.
  • Eating and drinking are strictly prohibited in the library’s premises.
  • Phones should be switched to silent mode while entering the library.
  • Personal belongings should be kept in the designated area of the library.
  • The library follows international copyright laws; complete books or journal issues cannot be photocopied and scanned.
  • Only some pages from library book and journal’s article will be photocopied. Personal notes and documents cannot be photocopied.
Library Objectives
  • To develop and manage resources that are relevant to the curricula.
  • To determine the needs of its users research, teaching, and learning.
  • To build collections and provide tools to support research, teaching, and learning.
  • To enable effective access to the world of knowledge and research data.
  • To provide a welcoming academic environment for study, teaching, and research.
  • To collaborate with other stakeholders inside the college and beyond the university to enrich the research and learning community.
  • To maintain the use of its resources by offering reference and information services.
About Library

The College of Dentistry Library supports various educational, research and clinical activities and programs. It has excellent collection of dental resources available for reading and reference purpose in print and digital format. Our library has a massive collection of dental e-resources from different databases composed in one digital library named Ac-Knowledge database (http://www.ac-knowledge.net/ngha/). The primary objective of the collection is to provide current and up-to-date scholarly and scientific literature to fulfill the academic and research requirement of our students, faculty and staff. Each year, new books are added to the collection. The digital library provides online access to 5900+ eBooks, 6400+ scientific journals and other scholarly material available from 37 different online databases. ​Some of the most popular databases are Accessmedicine, BMJ Journals; CINAHL Complete, Clinical Key; Dentistry and Oral Sciences Sources, Medline; Ovid; Oxford Journals; Sage Journals; ScienceDirect, Springerlink, VisualDx, and Wiley Blackwell.