Our Vision

To be the premier center and the path of excellence that dental professionals pursue to attain state-of-the art continuing education and professional development programs. Thus, helping our dental community to constantly have up-to-date knowledge and skills to be able to perform the best in patient care, education, and research.

Our Mission

To offer state-of-the art lifelong learning experiences for dental professionals – both clinicians and educators, not only in dentistry but also in professional and self-development. We endeavor to provide a variety of programs designed for all fields of the dental profession to help dental care providers and educators find the best tools and latest techniques for their professional needs, leading to superior education, patient care and a more enjoyable daily practice.

Our Objectives

  • To plan continuing education programs and activities of high quality and responsive to needs of dental faculty and staff.
  • To organize announcement and registration processes for continuing professional development programs and activities.
  • To implement continuing professional development programs and activities.
  • To collaborate with other organizations who are offering continuous education and professional development.
  • To identify resources and advocates in support of continuing professional education activities and initiatives.
  • To monitor the attendance and feedback to educational activities.
  • To regularly survey faculty and staff dentist’s development requirements.
Dr. Najla AlRejaye BDS, CAGS, DScD, ABO Diplomate, FRCD(C)
Associate Consultant, Orthodontics, Dental Services, KAMC, MNG-HA
Dr. Sara Kalagi BDS, MSD
Lecturer, Operative Dentistry, COD, KSAU-HS
Dr. Ibtisam Almubarak BDS, Mclindent, M Prosth RCSEd.
Associate Consultant, Prosthodontics, Dental Services, KAMC, MNG-HA

Dr. Hadeel AlOhali BDS, MSc, Ortho. Cert., ABO Diplomate
Assistant Consultant, Orthodontics, Dental Services, KAMC, MNG-HA

Dr. Abdulsalam Alshammari BDS, MSD, CAGS
Assistant Professor, Periodontics, COD, KSAU-HS

Dr. Maryam Alghilan BDS, MSD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Operative Dentistry, COD, KSAU-HS

Dr. Reem Albluwi BDS, Resto. Cert.
Staff Specialist, Restorative Dentistry, Dental Services, KAMC, MNG-HA

Dr. Yazeed Alhabdan BDS, MPH, AGD
Staff Dentist, AGD, Dental Services, KAMC, MNG-HA

John Paul Corcuera
Administrative Assistant
College of Dentistry Department
King Saud bin Abdulaziz University
for Health and Sciences (KSAU-HS)
National Guard Health Affairs (NGHA)
P.O Box: 22490, Riyadh 11426 K.S.A
Mail Code: 3183
Email: corcuerajo@ngha.med.sa or corcueraj@ksau-hs.edu.sa
Tel. No.: +966 1 801 1111
Extn No.: 95760/95763