NUMBER :  COD-IT – 007
TITLE :  College of Dentistry – Media Policy and Procedure  
ORIGINATING DEPT :  College of Dentistry – Information Technology  



To establish the College of Dentistry’s media standards, regulations and guidelines in alignment with KSAU-HS standards for social media and websites. Additionally, support the COD’s vision, mission, and core values.


College of Dentistry recognizes that media communication (related to COD) plays a vital role in supporting the college’s vision, mission, and core values.


This policy applies to all COD’s users whomsoever posting any media related to college or university in any platform.


KSAU-HS                                       King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences

COD                                              College of Dentistry

COD – IT                                        COD – Information Technology

USERS                                           Faculty, Staff, Students (including Interns), COD departments

MEDIA                                          Includes images, videos, audio

    • – COD-IT – 003 Website Policy
  • No users are allowed to post any COD related contents on the internet (including social media platforms), whether on behalf of the college or for personal purposes except COD media team designated person.
  • Any event, seminar, workshop, conference, training and faculties / students activities that is need to be posted, published on social media or website, must be reviewed and approved by Media section, COD.
  • Female pictures or videos are not allowed to be published on social media or any website without filling and duly sign “URM Release Form”.
  • Social media accounts must be managed by authorized person from COD media section. He or she will be responsible for the media that will be published and are expected to abide by the highest standards of quality.
  • Patient(s) pictures or videos are not allowed to be published on social media or any website without the patient’s permission, in compliance with the patient’s rights to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Any content, training materials, photos, announcement (systems, events, seminars, workshops, etc.) needs to be reviewed by media section prior publishing in COD website or any other website or any other social media platform.
  • COD Website and Social media content must be updated and maintained in timely manner.
  • Private messaging is not allowed in any social media platform for COD.
  • Media section process flowchart must be followed by all departments and individuals. See the APPENDIX – B.
  • COD Departments Responsibilities
    • Keep the media section team informed of any media interest or potential for interest in their work.
    • Requester department is responsible for the accuracy and integrity of their media content and must be approved by department head.
    • Any media request that need to be designed, must be submitted minimum one week prior to the needed date.
    • Any media related to the post to be published, must be submitted minimum two days prior to the published date.
  • Media Section Responsibilities
    • COD media section will promote academics/clinical and institutional developments through media channel.
    • Coordinating and facilitation media contents with COD Departments
    • Review media content (like length of twit, perfect language structure, spelling grammar etc.) and publish it in a timely, accurate, and professional manners.
    • Media section has the right to return any requests to the concern department if it observe any conflicting content for correction.
    • Before publishing any images, photos on website or social media follow the approved format and use the same header and footer.
    • To publish a female image or video the form given in APPENDIX (A) must be filled and approved by department’s head before submission to media section, COD.
    • Any media request that need to publish or post in COD website, or social media, needs to be submitted to media section through the email (


URM Release Form