NUMBER :   COD-IT – 006
TITLE :  College of Dentistry –Lecture Recording Policy
ORIGINATING DEPT :  College of Dentistry – Information Technology  
ORIGINAL DATE :  28 Jan 2019

To improve quality of education and increase students’ knowledge, learning and clinical education. College of Dentistry is recording all lectures to make it available for student’s view through learning management system and to create a resource that can be used for an educational purpose.


This policy establishes to illuminate for faculties and students that presentation, recorded lectures and clinical procedures recordings are under the ownership of College of Dentistry.


This policy applies to all the staff (faculty and non-faculty), students, those who are accessing College of Dentistry curriculum.


KSAU-HS                                      King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences.

COD                                              College of Dentistry

EDUTECH                                   Corporate Educational Technology Services

ITS                                                 KSAU-HS – Information Technology Services.

IT                                                  COD – Information Technology.

USERS                                          Students, Faculty, Staff

ETP-A                                           Educational Technology Policy –Approved

    • Lecture Recording Policy – ETP-A -37-1, 30 March 2013.
    • FORM A – 57 POLICY 37-1, Waive Lecture Record Request Form
  • COD supports the in-class lectures and clinical procedure recording to auxiliary teaching to engaging students in their learning.
  • COD will record each lecture / Presentation or clinical procedure as requirement during main stream dental curriculum activities. Recorded lectures will be available for students’ views as soon as possible after the lecture is delivered.
  • The session can be any didactic or practical educational activities or events. Which will be conducted in/for the college. COD-IT will record the session in audio or video format and to make available for students’ views.
  • COD recorded lectures or clinical procedures are accessible by current academic year enrolled COD students, along with the faculty, block coordinators and administering the blocks and courses. Moreover, recorded lectures and clinical procedures will be maintained on secured servers for four years.
  • With reference to point 5.4 and 5.5 from Edutech ETP-A-37-1, Faculty who does not wish to have lectures recorded need to fill the “COD Waive Lecture Record Form” must be approved by COD Dean and submit to COD-IT (1) week prior to the lecture date.
  • With reference to point 5.6 from Edutech ETP-A-37-1, female faculty who does not want to appear in video, only “voice-over-PowerPoint” (VOP) will be recorded for her.
  • College of Dentistry strictly prohibits copying or redistribution of recorded lectures or clinical procedures. College of Dentistry maintain copyright ownership of their lecture or clinical procedures.
  • COD-IT will maintain all COD recorded materials. All recorded material can’t be shared with any COD/KSAU-HS individual or organization within or outside the COD without prior written permission from the COD Dean.
  • COD will take reasonable measures to prevent the inappropriate use of recorded materials including learning management system or recorded lectures are published on lecture recording portal. COD strictly prohibits to download any recorded materials. Sharing or posting any recorded materials without appropriate approval will be considered as a violation of policies implemented by COD and Edutech, KSAUHS.