Usage Protocols


1. We expect our client will keep the environment clean, healthy and noise free.
2. They will exhibit a highly civilized education behavior.
3. They can enjoy borrower's facilities in the following manners.

Category Entitlement Loan Period
Faculty & staff Four (4) books
*Thirty (30) days
*Further renewal extendable for 14 days
Students Two (2) books
*Fourteen (14) days
*Further renewal extendable for 7 days

4. Weekends are not included in the loan period.
5. Books should be returned on or before the due date to avoid fines.
6. Prescribed textbooks to course coordinators are managed and issued separately.
7. Books damage or lost by borrowers, are disposed of at the discretion of the COD-Librarian.
8. Books in demand, periodical & serial literature, reserved & reference materials are not to be issued.