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One of the objective of the Community Outreach is to expose the students to community service outside clinical experience while gaining an appreciation for cultural diversity and the oral health needs of the population.

The service learning experience can be fulfilled in several ways such as working outside the dental school, at community sites, or at specialty sites. They will also be involved in the School Dental Prevention Program (SDPP) and the Public Health Committee of the Dental Services, Central Region, King Abdulaziz Medical City, Ministry of National Guard – Health Affairs Medical Outreach Program.

Senior students (6th year) will have the Dental Public Health and Community Service Course. The theory part of this course will provide student with an advanced knowledge of epidemiology and biostatistics, in addition to their exposure to community service as a clinical experience outside of the university.


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For any inquiries about our Community Outreach program please call +966 11 80 11111 Ext: 14149 or send us an email.

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